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DI Why?

I like to work with my hands, making stuff, tending the garden, and the like. It helps me to disconnect from the noise that can permeate everyday life. It also connects me to the Earth, to my abode, and I think more people should get their hands dirty making or growing stuff.

#ASHexperience Series

During my temporary contract at The American School in The Hague, I produced four videos for their various divisions that showcased their ASHExperience hashtags: #LearningThatMatters, #JoyfulLearningEnvironments, #BeingWellDoingWell and #StrongerTogether. Division: Elementary School Division: Middle School Division: High School Division: Full School

How Royalty Payouts for Digital Song Streams Work

In this video I produced for my Youtube channel, Happily Ever Music, I explain how digital royalties flow from the various DSPs (Spotify, Apple Music, etc) to the songwriters and recording artists.

Stranger Things Timelapse Build

Lockdown seemed like the perfect time to sit down and build this behemoth of a Lego set. I’m very fortunate to have had someone with me through the ups and downs of the pandemic. As a social introvert, I do enjoy time alone but that is very different than being alone. I truly feel for…

Little Lockdown Shorts

A couple of little shorts I made for Instagram during the first lockdown in The Netherlands in 2020.