Make. Share. Connect.

A picture can say a thousand words. A song can unite a nation. And video has the power to do both.

This just in!

I’ve started a Youtube Channel, Happily Ever Music, to share useful information about music business, music production and DIY distribution.

About Me

I've spent a lifetime avoiding committing to a career...

… partly because I am constantly discovering new interests but mostly because I was afraid to go after what I really wanted.

I have studied business management, psychology, audio engineering, game audio design and music business. 

I have helped build up two swing dance scenes in two countries. I co-founded a dance school that still exists today.

I have taught Lindy Hop, Blues Dance, Audio Engineering, Business Fundamentals, Research Methods, Lighting, Camera Operation, File Management, Video Editing, and more. 

In my free time, I’ve rekindled a passion for photography, discovered a passion for filmmaking, and love to make music, whether with others or alone.

I have come to realize that I want to create content that has an impact and I love to connect with people and help them realize possibilities, maybe ones they didn’t even know they had.

So, where do I go from here? I’m not sure just yet. I’m going to keep making music, taking photos and trying to make the world a better place. Want to work on a project with me? Get in touch!

Also, I love pandas 🐼